We are excited about forming alliances with festivals and events on our route!

There are a number of ways this could happen including:

  • Co-hosting or inviting us to host an event in your venue or on your land

  • Having us speak at your event

  • Featuring our affiliated musicians at your event

  • Inviting us to have an information booth at your event, featuring environmentally focused petitions

  • Inviting us to bring our seed bank and host a seed share at your event

  • Inviting us to bring and share examples of sustainable technology at your event

  • Inviting some of our core members to speak on a panel at your event

  • Offering discount tickets for your event to our walkers

  • Inviting us to offer ceremony / prayer at your event

  • Any and All of the Above….and not limited to!

We will also be hosting multicultural water and peace ceremonies at all major and some smaller rivers along the way.

As festivals join or are created they will be listed here.

Tribal Vision Festival of Taos, New Mexico is the first to join our collaboration.

Will yours be the second?

If you help organize a festival or event on or near to our route and are interested in collaborating, please contact us here!

If you have produced events before and are interested in organizing one specifically for the The Nomadic Peace Caravan and The Peace Across Borders Walk in your area, please contact us here!

We look forward to bringing people together!

“When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them.” – Chief Seattle

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Do you want to collaborate with us on an event?

Let us know here on the join us page!

 We will book smaller performances in yoga studios hostels, private fields, city parks, local venues, community homes and cafes. These events will be primarily on the peace walks path and leading up to the Earth Day 2020 starting day.

As we book events they will be posted here, on the Blog, and on Facebook.