Lake Erie wins protective Bill of Rights!

History is made and we are inspired deeper into our mission of creating the Peace Walk and spreading word about Rights for Nature. The movement is beginning and we are excited to be a part of it! Help us clean up our environment by giving rivers and bodies of water natural rights, it all starts with the water.

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Rights of Lake Erie Recognized in Historic Vote

Feb 27, 2019

Toledo, Ohio, voters make history, adopting a charter amendment that recognizes the rights of Lake Erie! This is the first rights-based law in the United States that specifically acknowledges the rights of a distinct ecosystem, securing the Lake’s rights to exist, flourish, and naturally evolve.

Since 2016, CELDF has partnered with Toledoans for Safe Water to recognize the rights of the Lake. This includes defending their democratic right to vote as numerous industry representatives and their allies have tried to block the Lake Erie Bill of Rights initiative from the ballot.

Toledo residents overcame those challenges, culminating in this extraordinary win for Lake Erie and surrounding communities and ecosystems.

non - profit

Greetings Friends,

We are currently in the formation of our non-profit. We have a few groups willing to umbrella us until ours gets processed. Currently we are deciding which group best matches our vision. Once this is up we can begin to take donations.

We are also looking for groups interested in collaborating through events and festivals, as well as cross pollination of promoting, let us all be in solidarity as we move towards 2020, soon there will be a resources page point towards all the amazing groups taking action to create change in our country and world wide. There is no competition here, we don’t want to do it alone and know we need all the help we can get.

Community community community is the foundation of UNITY!

We open our hearts and send prayers out to the world, we are here to listen, we are here to act in love and peace and gratitude.

If you want to join us the time is now, we need you and your special gifts to be a part of the fire to warm our souls and nurture our hearts as we walk this land acting and calling for more action!

Open your mind and heart and see if there is a space to collaborate, what can we help you make come true as we walk through your home town?

love and peace,

Leaf LaRay

The vision begins!

Our first administrative meeting was this past Thursday in Denver. You can call in or find the Facebook Live video of the meeting under Matt Bovards page. Right now our core is small but steadily growing. We are getting the model set up so that as we gather volunteers and vocalizers across the country we will be ready to let people know where and how they can help. If you think this might be you in anyway reach out now, this is the foundational part of the design. We need organizers and people good at doing community outreach, especially if you are in an area that we are walking through!

All is in line and coming together beautifully.

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Love and Peace,