How to be involved

There are many ways to get involved with the Nomadic Peace Caravan! You can walk with us for any duration you wish, participate by hosting the campers on your land, host an event, or join us at our events! We also have sponsorship potentials for those who share in our mission but cannot physically attend. We will be doing a lot of local community collaboration; any ideas and contributions are welcome; please let this project be yours too! We have listed some general categories for participation below; if you are unsure of which field to enter, simply choose “*other” and let us know who you are and what you have to offer. Let us know what your gifts are and we will help you find the right place to share them. Love and Peace!

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Let us know what it is you want to offer, what your experience is, and how much time you have?



We ask all walkers to be prepared with all appropriate gear needed including all season terrain shoes, basic all season clothing, and sleeping gear. We will provide transportation for goods, as needed. You do not need to commit to any particular duration of the walk, and can jump in according to your schedule. You can also stay for the long run! As we are walking for peace, we expect peaceful and respectful demeanors towards others and towards all areas we pass through. All Nomadic Peace Caravan activities are drug and alcohol free; this will be strictly abided by.


  • It helps, but not necessary, to have experience with walking 5 - 11 miles a day for multiple days. If not you will learn quick.

  • A peaceful none argumentative attitude with all people.

  • non-violent training (this and other social trainings will be provided. Feel free to prepare ahead and start looking in to ‘nonviolent communication’ and other forms of nonviolent training.)

  • Each walker is responsible for all there personal needs that includes water, food, clothing , shoes, sleeping gear, financial needs ex..

Help organize an event with us, let us know where you are and what type of event you are interested in collaborating on. Where can we bring our message? How can we collaborate together to create an event, workshop, gathering, performance, presentation, etc. to uplift, educate and learn from each other?

Event Organizer

Venue Owner


If you own a venue in Nelson BC, north eastern Washington ,northern Idaho, Montana,South Dakota, Eastern Wyoming, Colorado,New Mexico, Arizona and or northern Baja Mexico please contact us to begin our collaboration!



We need financial support! It will take infrastructure to support our walkers, provide the necessary equipment, and pay for permits and services needed for the walk and events. We greatly appreciate any and all contributions. A GoFundMe will be live by June 2019, but we are open to receiving donations before that, please be in touch with us on our contact form above.

If you would like to ride for peace with your horse, this is an option. If you would like to participate in care and contribute your unique knowledge of compassionate horse care this is also needed, let us know!

Horse Rider

We are looking for open land to camp on as we make our journey. We will be walking through western B.C Canada , North Eastern Washington, northern Idaho , east to west Montana, South Dakota, western Nebraska, eastern Wyoming, north to south Colorado, northern New Mexico , northern and western Arizona to the US border and south to Baja, Mexico. If you happen to have land on this rought please let us know. If you know local trails or public spaces, we would be happy to know about these as we plan our route.

Land owner

local organizer

This is a big one! The caravan will be going through hundreds of towns in Canada, the U.S.A., and Mexico. We are in need of local organizers that can help facilitate the preparation and execution of events and parades, in addition to organizing places for the walkers to camp out. This role includes both community outreach with local organizations and working with the local governing bodies. You will have our full support and a team of core organizers of the walk supporting and assisting you through this process. Those familiar with organizing events highly encouraged to apply! 


  • Congruency and passion for our mission of peace! Heartfelt desire to help serve and connect community so that we can make a difference in ourselves and our world.

  • Literate and able to communicate with official bodies in a prompt and friendly manner.

  • Strong and healthy connections with the local community.

  • Being a peaceful communicator.


Are you an Artist? Musician? Performer? Would you like to share your art in a spirit of love, peace, respect and reverence for all life? We invite all styles of music, as long as they embody these principles. We also wish to cater to the local cultures we are immersed in, and as we walk, the cultures and stylistic preferences might vary! We will lovingly include, invite, and accept all crowds, encouraging our message to pass through all cultural boundaries! By featuring local musicians we hope to bridge traditional gaps in our culture. Help us to get to know your region! Reach out if you would like to perform, or can host us in a space. Know some great local artists you think might be interested? Let’s find solidarity with one another and celebrate our gifts!

There are many roles within the category of media. We are very open to collaborating with local radio stations, news platforms, magazines, and any outlet that supports the health and well being of humans, animals, plants, and land. If your media organization or business would like to participate, let us know! If you are an individual with video, photography, editing, media or marketing skills and would like to contribute in this way, please contact us! There are many roles to be filled, and many to be made! If you want to donate time editing video footage or creating advertisements brochures or working on web- based information, we are interested to hear from you. Written work, photo and video documentation of the Caravan are also greatly desired. Please let us know your experience and in what field of media you are working. If you have ideas for something not listed let us know.


  • Congruency and passion for our mission of peace! Heartfelt desire to help serve and connect community so that we can make a difference in ourselves and our world.

  • Must have your own equipment

  • Being a peaceful communicator.


Day to day social media documentation of the walk and promotion of events, especially ones that will emerge during the walk itself, are greatly needed. Facebook, Instagram, SteemIt, Twitter, etc. If you love to use one of these platforms and would enjoy being our face to the web let us know. You would be directly interfacing with the team of coordinators on a regular basis. If you would like to do this for only a section of the walk that is also appreciated.


  • Congruency and passion for our mission of peace! Heartfelt desire to help serve and connect community so that we can make a difference in ourselves and our world.

  • Good level of Literacy

  • Must have own device / laptop

  • Being a peaceful communicator.

Social Media



We are seeking collaboration with local farms on our route, as we walk! Ways in which this could work include

  • Farms willing to donate (tax deductible) food to our walk and for our larger events and festivals in exchange for work trade / sponsorship from our non-profit.

  • Farms that we might be able to hold events or workshops at, relating to sustainable practices.

We are excited about connecting with local Farms and helping to grow green practices across the country as we walk!

Seed bank


We will be distributing non-GMO heirloom seeds donated by grassroots organizations. If you would like to donate seeds from your organization or seed bank. We can give you

  • Tax wright off for your donations.

  • Promotions on packets and brochures to represent your seed company

  • internet promotions for your seed bank

    We already have plenty of varieties to distribute for fields and gardens alike all grown in the rockie mountain range, We plan on growing multiple seed plots this coming year but more seed diversity is very important to us and we plan on giving thousands of seed packets to towns across the country focusing primarily on reservations and poor underprivileged communities.

    We will be handing out information at many events and teaching workshops on planting, organic gardening, and sharing resources regarding the importance of seed banks and local food culture.


  • Bulk Non-GMO Seeds

  • Seed packets empty or full

Help distribute and educate people about what were doing download our brochure below.