Rights of Nature for Rivers

Creating protective rights for rivers is a primary focus for the Nomadic Peace Caravan. The environmental laws are no longer working, and attempting to make a government system that protects the environment, when the regulatory bodies side with industry, has proven to be a failure.

We will be circulating petitions to give rivers protective rights; distributing information about Rights for Nature, and encouraging local politicians to begin creating legislation to allow the people to protect the water ways from industrial destruction.

COCRN , CELDF and other organizations agree that bringing the environment into the jurisprudence of the law is what is needed.

Learn more about COCRN in Colorado

Learn more about Rights Of Nature and CELDF


Phase 1

Now thanks to E.A.R.T.H (Environmental Action Reaching Throughout Humanity) which is a charitable non profit, we will be moving forward with Phase 1 in helping legislate the rights of nature in the Rocky Mountain States and initiating the Rocky Mountain River Protectors.

  • We will be contacting and gathering support from community organizations, environmental rights groups, religious and spiritual leaders, peace organizations non-GMO farms, politicians and more.

  • Joining with organizations and co-creating Bills of Rights of nature for the Black hills and Rocky Mountain ranges

Phase 2

To help build support financially as well as reserve donations of vehicles and supply. In phase 2 we will be initiating many different fundraisers.

  • we will be producing and fundraising events

  • we will also be speaking at other special events and festivals throughout the coming year.

  • we will be building a crowd funding video and running a kick starter campaign.



Phase 3

The Caravan begins in Canada in the spring of 2020, the Nomadic Peace Caravan , moves south across the United States, crossing the border to the Gulf of Baja in Mexico. Festivals along the way and numerous local events will mark the nomadic peace caravan's progress and promote its message of world peace, disarmament, and protecting earths inherent rights.