Nomadic Peace Caravan is currently working on our non-profit status. We have a group we are working with to be umbrella under for the time being as our non-profit gets processed. This should be arranged in the near future. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation please contact us and will will give you the proper avenue! Many thanks.

Donate to the vision


Donate to help support the walk. We our a group of grass roots organisers that see a dyer need for sustainability and peace. We our vowing to give our lives to saving this earth from humanities lack of care. Through education, action and Entertainment we hope to help unite all people that cross our path. Through peaceful entertainment and understanding we can bring an example of a new way of living we are the change that is needed.

To make all this happen we need your support we hope to see hundreds of people join us. So of course we hope to do this in a legal fashion we will need food trucks,large tents, busses , trailers for portable toilets , large camping gear and of coarse financial support to feed the walkers as well as produce large and small events for the people. We have so much in our community already from sound systems to busses ready to take part on this journey although we will need so much more we believe that we can do it with everyones donations. Give what you can and we will start this movement.

Thank You all.

If you have a Food Truck (possibility to collaborate for events), if you have tents, buses, vans, kitchen gear, chairs, blankets, water tanks. Any and all things you would need for festivals, or a cross country journey. If you think we might need it, we probably do. We will have an exact list of needs for smaller items as we get closer to the journey in 2020. We do have a few places in Colorado where we can physically receive donations. Let us know what it is you would like to donate here:

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Who are you?